Sandwiches Platter

Starting from $6.50


Our Very Tasty Fillings – Chicken/bacon/avo/tomato/mayo; Leg ham/cheese/tomato; beef/ sundried-tomato/béarnaise/rocket; Chicken/double brie/cranberry; egg/mayo/lettuce; chicken/ basil pesto/feta/spinach; salami/cheese/tomato relish; chicken/lettuce/mayo; eggplant/sun- dried tomato/fetta/pesto; beef/tomato/Dijon mustard; cheese/avocado/salad; tandoori chicken/ cucumber/spinach

All platters are made fresh on the day of your event and in-house by us. We only use the best quality ingredients to ensure a highly consistent product; which we believe comes through in the final product to you.

We cater on a 1 1⁄2 sandwiches per person ratio for all catering orders.

We will select combinations for you, however, if there are any fillings that you would prefer not to have in your sandwiches, and then please advise us when ordering.

Please note that Gluten-free bread is available, $1 extra each and will be cut and served separately.

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